Does eczema hold you back?

One of the questions I get frequently asked on the website is around the subject of eczema and whether the Mellow range of products can be used without causing further irritation?

does-eczema-hold-you-backIt is one of those skin conditions that can really make you feel self conscious and make your life a misery.

It affects many people and if you are one of them, you will be all too familiar with the red rash, itchiness, scaling of the skin, blisters, weeping or cracked skin.

Of course you may not experience all these symptoms, but it’s likely your skin is prone to sensitivities and flare-ups, which need care.

It can be hereditary and often people with eczema may also suffer from episodes of hay fever or asthma, but thankfully it can be managed.


Diagnosis will be by your GP but there are different types of eczema…

Atopical Eczema
– Usually hereditary and people with this type may also suffer from hay fever or asthma. Presents in the skin creases, inside the elbow at the back of the knees or around the wrists. Often this is the type that might affect children and it is distressing to see them trying to cope with severe itching.

Seborrhoeic Eczema
– Usually affects young adults and may present on the scalp like dandruff . This type is associated with infections caused by yeasts.

Discoid Eczema
– This tends to occur only in adults and is coin-shaped.

Contact Dermatitis
– This is really common and the irritating rash is usually caused by an allergy of some sort. Examples of this might be chemicals in cosmetics, detergents, soaps, rubber or latex, yeast or nickel.

These are just a few examples but in some people dermatitis can also be caused by food allergies (dairy products or wheat being common culprits).

In severe flare-ups often topical steroids are prescribed which of course do their job and is very necessary at this time, but more and more people are looking for natural remedies in an effort to keep it at bay.

Is there a natural way to help the symptoms of eczema?

Bicarbonate of Soda:
Adding a few tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda to your bath can help as it reduces the acidity in your body.

Avoid the following:
Clothes made of synthetic fibres, creams containing paraffin oil or perfumed washing powders.

Narrow down the reaction:
If you find that certain skincare products or toiletries cause an allergic reaction , stop using them immediately. This might be caused by perfumes or certain preservatives such as parabens. Ingredients such as sodium laurel sulphate in detergents can also be a problem.

Patch testing:
Unfragranced skincare products might be a better option, but to be on the safe side, I would always recommend a patch test in an area which cannot be seen.

Mellow products are made using natural ingredients as much as possible. We do not use SLS in our detergents and there are definitely no parabens used in the products. Essential oils are used for the fragrances.

Of course you can’t ever guarantee that there will be no reaction, but we do recommend doing a patch test on the skincare products if this is a concern.

Because everything is handmade, we can always leave out the fragrances and we are very happy to do this, if you email in advance to

NEW FOR 2019!

Rosewood Orange and Cedarwood Shower Gel Mellow SkincareLemon Chamomile and Neroli Shower Gel Mellow SkincareWe are delighted to introduce a few new products to add to the Mellow range over the next few months. 2 new fragrances in the Bath/Shower range are the first to be enjoyed.

These are Rosewood, Orange and Cedarwood and Lemon, Chamomile and Neroli.

Both smell amazing!

They are absolutely gorgeous combinations of essential oils and are proving to be very popular, but we always welcome feedback.

I hope these fragrances in the Shower gels will be added immediately, to be followed very shortly with bath foams and body lotions in the same fragrances.


If you are concerned about skin reactions and sensitivities in many high street products you might like to read the “10 Ingredients to avoid when buying your skincare and toiletries” available on the Mellow website: simply fill in your information, and a copy will be sent to your email.

Until next time, Carole x