What makes Mellow special?Mellow products are about YOU. They are about giving you the simple, effective and natural skincare solutions that you’ve been looking for.

Hardly a month goes by without stories in the press about the harmful effect of one chemical additive or another. The increase in skin sensitivity alone suggests that our bodies are crying out for natural ingredients. I created Mellow to offer an alternative to mass-produced products.

I have always believed that beauty doesn’t have to come at a price. It shouldn’t cost your health, the environment or the life of an animal. As Mellow proves, natural skincare products can be effective, affordable, sustainable and smell simply divine.

Peace of mind

I want you to have peace of mind. With Mellow Skincare, you can depend on high-quality products that are:

  • Affordable, ethical and natural alternatives to the chemical combinations of mass-produced products
  • Handmade, not mass produced
  • Made from ingredients from renewable sources and environmentally-friendly processes
  • Not tested on animals
  • Honest and transparent, with as much information as possible on the labels to guide users and to comply with legislation
  • Independently safety tested

I use mostly essential oils for fragrance, so always recommend that you do a sensitivity test before using a new product. The crook of your elbow is the best place to test.

Which Mellow Skincare product?

Whether you’re looking for a gentle moisturiser or a calming bubble bath, luscious lip balm or soothing foot cream, there’s a Mellow product for you.

“ I suffered from soft, flaking and peeling nails and had tried numerous products and vitamins without success. Within 4 weeks of using a special oil provided by Mellow, my nails improved dramatically. Within 8 weeks my condition had completely cleared up and my nails are now strong and healthy. I wish I had known about Mellow sooner and can highly recommend Carole Holmes’ products, as they actually work “
Kate Lewis – Chichester

If you have any questions at all, you’re welcome to contact me or drop me a message via the Mellow Facebook page.

10 Ingredients to Avoid When Buying Your Skincare and Toiletries

"I hear many stories about skin reactions and sensitivities when using certain products that it seems to me that our bodies are crying out for natural ingredients. Because of this I thought it might be useful to write 10 top ingredients to avoid when you are deciding on what to buy. Of course there are many more than 10 ingredients which are potentially harmful but these are some common ones to get you started. Simply enter your information to receive your FREE eBook pdf."

Carole Holmes, Founder of Mellow Skincare

Mellow Skincare ebook cover