Ceramic Burners


Ceramic burners available in different sizes and designs:

Hands £4.50
Large Tree Cut Out £6.50
Small Tree Cut Out £4.00
Large Buddha Head £6.00 White/Dark
Small Buddha Head £4.00

For External Use Only

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Beautifully designed large and small ceramic burners for burning essential oils and wax melts. Different colours and designs available. Please use these burners with a tea light. Ceramic burners are able to reach high heat without cracking.

Safety Precautions
The burners can reach high temperatures, so please be aware that the ceramic outer will be very hot. Please also take care not to knock the burner when in use and place somewhere sturdy so that hot oil/melted wax cannot burn you if accidentally knocked over. Never leave the tea light unattended and make sure it is on a stable, heat resistant surface. Always keep away from children and pets.

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Hands, Large Tree Cut Out, Small Tree Cut Out, Large Buddha Head White, Large Buddha Head Dark, Small Buddha Head