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All Mellow Skincare creations are lovingly handmade from our workshop in Chichester

We specially blend 100% natural ingredients with our Signature fragranced essential oils to create the Mellow experience!


A blend of the finest natural products using high quality essential oils. All our products are handmade using gentle raw ingredients from reputable suppliers who care about the environment.

As a result, you can be confident that your skin is in safe hands. Our products offer affordable alternatives to mass-produced, chemical-laden skincare ranges, and will appeal to those who want to make a lifestyle choice.  

There is not an “E” number in sight! Come and experience the natural alternative.

Style by Mellow Skincare

Our range of gentle hair products for everyday use

Smile by Mellow Skincare

Everything you need to face the world with a smile!

Stroke by Mellow Skincare

A beautiful range for you to totally pamper your body!

Soothe by Mellow Skincare

Refresh and hydrate your overworked feet

Soak by Mellow Skincare

All natural handmade bath and shower products

Gift Sets

Looking for something a little bit different?


Our range is created using only the very best essential oils, vegetable oils, vitamins, minerals, waxes and other raw, but totally natural and renewable sourced ingredients.  If you’re passionate about affordable, ethical and natural skincare, then Mellow is the place for you. We do not use raw materials that are tested on animals.

10 Ingredients to Avoid When Buying Your Skincare and Toiletries

"I hear many stories about skin reactions and sensitivities when using certain products that it seems to me that our bodies are crying out for natural ingredients. Because of this I thought it might be useful to write 10 top ingredients to avoid when you are deciding on what to buy. Of course there are many more than 10 ingredients which are potentially harmful but these are some common ones to get you started. Simply enter your information to receive your FREE eBook pdf."

Carole Holmes, Founder of Mellow Skincare

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Capture the fragrance of Christmas with essential oils

Capture the fragrance of Christmas with essential oils

2020 has been so eventful and you wonder if life as we know it is ever going to be the same again? But of course, it will eventually.With most of the high street shops having a difficult time, it has been noticeable that more of us have been shopping online and...

Is it possible to slow down the ageing process?

Is it possible to slow down the ageing process?

IS IT POSSIBLE TO SLOW DOWN THE AGEING PROCESS? Whether we like it or not we are going to get older. As the years pass us by, our skin definitely tells a story, particularly in our face. We all know people whose skin appears flawless and smooth, and we can’t believe...

An easy guide to smelling sweet all day

An easy guide to smelling sweet all day

AN EASY GUIDE TO SMELLING SWEET ALL DAY Time is very precious when you are racing to get to work in the morning but there’s more to smelling good than a quick spritz of body spray before you dash out of the door and it doesn’t take much longer than your normal...