Bath or shower?

Not everyone has a choice, but most people have a preference.

Often it is what fits in best with your daily routine but your body benefits more if you take to the water at certain times.

Personally, it depends on the time of day and I love both but, a deciding factor is bound to be how much time you have. Busy mums on the school run or rushing to get to work in the morning is the case for many people so this will affect your choice.

Invigorating showers are excellent for kick starting your day, especially cold showers but these take some courage and are not for the faint hearted.

Another factor to consider is, if you are washing your hair at the same time, warm or hot water must be used or you will never be able to rinse out the shampoo or conditioner. Once this is done, you can lower the temperature and finish off with a blast of cold water.

Your body and mind will certainly be refreshed and there is a theory that cold showers boost your resistance to the common cold virus.

If you have the time, an exfoliating gel applied to your body before you shower will make your skin glow followed by a moisturising body lotion.


Shower Steamers

Everyone knows what bath bombs are but you can get those same wonderful aromas in the shower by using shower steamers which are placed on the floor of the cubicle and release their wonderful fragrances as the water activates the essential oils.

I think these are a great product and Mellow has introduced them to the range in four fabulous fragrances.

REVITALISE – Orange, bergamot and may chang
POST-WORKOUT – Grapefruit and lime
DEEP SLEEP – Lavender and mandarin
KICK START – Peppermint and eucalyptus


For bath lovers, there is nothing to beat a long, relaxing soak to prepare yourself for a restful sleep. The temperature is very important because if you have the water too hot, it will speed up your heart rate which is not conducive to restful sleep.

A soothing bath is the ultimate treat but you could create an extra indulgent experience yourself so why not try this?

  • Put two generous handfuls of dried rose petals and some grated ginger in the centre of a muslin cloth. Gather the edges of the cloth together to make a pouch, and secure with a piece of string. Run a hot bath, with your bath bag tied around the tap – the running water will unleash the relaxing scent of the rose petals and the essence of the ginger to help ease any aches and pains. Use the pouch as an all-over body exfoliator.

Have you tried a Salt Bath?

Recent scientific research has apparently shown that during a full moon, the body’s natural healing potential is at its peak, as is the body’s ability to absorb minerals from salt.

Taking a salt bath at this time could give great results as detoxification is supposed to be at its highest helping the body to rid itself of toxins.

If you just want a relaxing bath, bath oil or bath foams are most popular but you will have your own favourites if you love a bath.



MELLOW bath/shower products are handmade and are available in five different fragrances.

Ingredients are obtained from natural sources without SLS (Sodium lauryl ether sulphate) or parabens that can cause irritations.

mellow skincare bath and shower range soak


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“My guilty pleasure is a deep, eco-unfriendly, hot bath. Preferably with a glass of champagne and someone sitting on the loo seat gossiping.”

― Prue Leith

mellow skincare bath and shower range soak