At Mellow I have always believed that natural products do not have to come at a price. It shouldn’t cost your health, the environment, or the life of an animal, and this is certainly what we strive for when creating our handmade products.

Affordable AND Ethical

do-more-for-the-environment We want the products to be affordable with ingredients sourced from ethical suppliers who ensure that the ingredients are from renewable sources and environmentally-friendly processes.

It’s always been an important issue, but thanks to programmes such as Blue Planet, everyone seems to be taking the issues on board with more awareness of the overuse of plastics and the importance of recycling.

More and more of my customers are concerned about the plastic containers we use, and whether they can be recycled – so I think it’s time to explain and hopefully put minds to rest about how we like to do more for the environment here at Mellow Skincare.

Ethical Suppliers
– I have always relied on ethical suppliers and so I am confident in the fact that we only use PET plastic bottles. Because the quality of the plastic is so high, people often mistake the plastic for glass.

PET Plastic
– PET plastic, unlike PVC is fully recyclable and if it is put in landfill degrades without any chemicals leaking into the soil.

Low Energy
– The energy used in recycling a PET plastic bottle is about 1/10 of the energy used in recycling a plastic bottle. Because of this, the Mellow products are mainly packaged in PET bottles – bath and hair products, body lotions to name just a few.

– It is possible to implement a refilling service with these bottles as they can easily be sterilised and I encourage this among my customers.

Glass Use
– Body butters and face masks are stored in PET jars with the same properties but the moisturisers and other skincare products are packaged in glass jars.

It is important that everyone does as much as they can for the environment and no system is perfect but education and awareness of the real problems facing us now and in the future are a real priority.
So Mellow is committed to continuing to source ingredients and packaging from ethical suppliers and adopt practices which, as much as possible, are in line with current legislation and the major concerns about the future of our planet because of pollution and inadequate recycling procedures.


mothers-day-gifts-mellow-skincareLast month I announced that two new fragrances have been added to the Mellow range: Lemon, Chamomile and Neroli and Rosewood, Orange and Cedarwood.

Shower gels have already been added, but I can now announce that these wonderful fragrances are now available as a hand/body lotion and they are proving very popular.

They would make a wonderful combination for a Mother’s Day gift, which of course is on March 31st!

Until next time, Carole x