This summer has been unbelievable I’m sure you will agree?

The weather was so good, it just wasn’t necessary to go outside the UK for holidays and it was perfect for relaxing in the garden or even working outside for the lucky people who could.

It appears to be over now though as I look out of my window at the rain, but I actually don’t mind the changes in weather conditions even though they seem so extreme these days.

Summer is generally when your skin looks at its best.

Your complexion should be glowing with more colour in your cheeks as it has adjusted to more humidity and as long as it hasn’t been burned, you will be looking radiant.

Ideally you will have moisturised your skin well according to your skin type and with an SPF of at least 15 in order to protect your skin.

Many women still like to wear foundation in the summer: especially if they are working, but lighter formulations are better when it’s hot.

Gels, liquids and mousses are ideal as they have lighter formulations and stay on the skin.


Bring on the Autumn!

If you have very sensitive skin, this is the season you probably dread because any changes in temperature can affect your skin causing blotches or dry patches.

The skincare products you used during the hot months may not be as effective now.

You may need a richer cleanser and moisturiser than previously used because generally your skin needs extra hydration to cope with the cooler temperatures.

This could be in the form of a lotion or cream depending on how much nourishment your skin needs.



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