Although I imagine that you want to be confident about your deodorant all year round, when the weather is hot at this time of year, it’s especially important to feel fresh.

There’s nothing worse than worrying about sweat and body odour on a hot day.

For teenagers, puberty brings a whole range of physical and hormonal changes that can make finding the right deodorant even more essential.

But what are deodorants and antiperspirants? How can you be sure you’re using the right product?

There’s a subtle difference between deodorants and antiperspirants. Antiperspirants work by clogging, closing or blocking the pores in your armpits with powerful astringents such as aluminium sales so that they can’t release sweat. Deodorants work by neutralising the smell of sweat and by creating an antiseptic action against bacteria (which is what makes your sweat smell).

The skin is the body’s largest secretory organ and the ability to sweat, even under our armpits, is important because it helps our bodies to stay cool in high temperatures.
Antiperspirants and deodorants are often sold in cans so that they can be sprayed on to the skin but many leave white marks on clothes, which can be a problem. Roll-on antiperspirants and deodorants are also available.

Choosing a safe deodorant

While it’s important to wear a good, effective deodorant, we also need to think about what is best for our bodies. In recent years, a growing body of research has called into question the safety of the ingredients that go into many deodorants and antiperspirants.

Studies suggest, for example, that aluminium salts – present in many popular, big name underarm deodorants and antiperspirants – may contribute to the risk of breast cancer. The Journal of Applied Toxicology 2006 was one such study.

The fact that deodorants containing these salts are applied and left on the skin so close to the breast tissue potentially make their use a concern, especially if you have shaved under your arms when the skin is broken as the aluminium salts could enter the bloodstream. Other studies have also suggested that aluminium salts can penetrate the skin even if the skin is unbroken.

There have been many articles written on this subject and while there doesn’t yet appear to be definitive evidence to prove or disprove the link between aluminium salts and breast cancer, I personally feel that while there is suggestion or doubt, it’s not worth the risk, especially if it’s not necessary to have the ingredient there in the first place.

Mellow Deodorant

I would always recommend choosing an antiperspirant or deodorant that is free from aluminium salt, parabens and other ‘nasties’. It is possible to wear a perfectly effective product without these ingredients. The Mellow deodorant is one such product.

The Mellow deodorant is roll-on, and suitable for men and women. It is very effective for up to 12 hours. The raw ingredients in Mellow deodorant work to neutralise the bacteria, which gives sweat its odour, but do not close the pores which would prevent the secretion of sweat.

One of the raw ingredients I use is found naturally in cherries. It reduces the bacteria on the skin by making it more acid.

Bergamot, spike lavender, lemon, geranium and benzoin essential oils combine to make a lovely aroma in an area where you need it most. Even sports enthusiasts love it for the confidence and protection it offers.

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