Ohh no…here we go again!

fresh air is an unbeatable body boosterWinter is coming and for some of us it fills us with dread. The thought of having to go out in the wind, rain or snow and battle those elements when all we want is to be inside in front of an open, roaring fire and let the elements get on with it.

For most people during the day, this isn’t an option but fresh air is an unbeatable body booster

There’s nothing more attractive than pink-flushed cheeks following a long walk and it’s all completely natural.

The benefits of doing this are very clear: 

  • Five minutes in the open air is enough to relax your muscles and lower your blood pressure which means overall it’s going to reduce stress.
  • Makes you exercise more effectively- walking, jogging or running outside works a wider range of muscles than if you were in the gym because the ground is uneven.
  • Boosts vitamin D in your body which you need for your bones to stay healthy.
  • Daylight will encourage your body to produce feel-good hormones so you’ll feel generally happier.
  • Your complexion will benefit as it becomes saturated with oxygen, encouraging your skin cells to regenerate.
  • Daylight regulates your internal clock so you’ll feel more awake during the day but sleep well at night.

How are we going to make sure these extreme elements don’t cause havoc with our skin?

  • In the wind and rain, your skin needs even more protection so make sure you apply a rich moisturiser before you go out. The wind can make your skin feel sore and the rain can make the skin’s barrier less efficient causing dehydration.
  • Polluted environments have less oxygen , and the tiny particles act as damaging oxidants which will suffocate your skin so in this case you need to use antioxidant skin creams.
  • Sunshine feels wonderful on your skin but don’t forget to use a moisturiser with at least an SPF15 when you’re outside.

So what’s stopping you?

Grab your coat, scarf, hat, gloves and dog (if that’s what it takes to get you outside) and enjoy the fresh air. It’s wonderful how your body adapts to different conditions so don’t let the elements deter you and you will feel amazing as a result.