mellow-skincare-moisturiser-mature-skinIt must have been so much easier when it seemed the only choice of moisturiser was the tub of cold cream which always seemed to sit on my mother’s and grandmother’s bedside table.

I don’t think there was any consideration for whether you had dry or oily skin but it was always a firm favourite in our house, and I believe you can still buy them today.

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What is your preference?
Moisturiser helps to keep your skin plump and nourished. It really helps if we are exposed to air-conditioning, pollutants, extreme weather conditions and smoke-filled atmospheres, but there are so many types to choose from and they need to be used all the year round as part of our daily skin regime and not just in the Winter.

Moisturising Creams
These are perfect for dry skins as they are made up of so many nourishing ingredients and they are generally thicker and richer in texture which plumps up thirsty skin. The night creams tend to be really rich but you can use the same creams for morning and night time if the formula is suitable for your skin type, but make sure there are no SPF ingredients if you apply it at night.

Oily skins also benefit from a moisturiser but there are usually less ingredients in these products because they don’t need to be as hydrating as a formula for dry skin.

They tend to be thinner in texture and more of a lotion but these products are still very beneficial on oily skin. They have a high water content and can be used day or night.

Face Oil
Some people prefer to use a face oil blend particularly at night. They are very effective and are usually rich in vitamins, often sold as anti-ageing products. The down side for some people is that they can be quite messy and not really suitable for daytime use if you are “on the go”

Capsules and Serums
Other products available for adding moisture might be capsules which are filled with ingredients which suppliers claim are filled with anti-aging ceramides and are designed to target specific areas to minimise the appearance of wrinkles.

Serums are formulated with active ingredients which they say will prevent wrinkles and boosts your skin against free radical damage.

How on earth are you supposed to choose what will suit your skin?
Often people are influenced by the cost of products. Many people think that if a product is really expensive, it must be the best and most effective. I don’t believe this to be true as you might just be paying for fancy packaging and the brand name.

Whatever moisturiser you choose, remember it’s not just about the product.

  • For the perfect skin condition you need to feed your skin from the inside out so:
    Drink plenty of water eight glasses a day if you can)
    Exercise regularly to boost the circulation and bring oxygen to the cells
    Don’t smoke and eat a well-balanced, healthy diet

Over the years, I have introduced moisturisers for all skin types in the Mellow range, so feel free to browse at our skincare range if you want to use natural products.

The latest addition is the moisturiser for mature skin which is going to be added to the online shop in the near future but is proving very popular. It has wonderful ingredients including Peach Kernel oil, Macadamia Nut oil, Evening Primrose oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Sea Buckthorn.

And to finish off…at the moment, I am very busy putting together some new and exciting gift sets and new products for Christmas so do make sure you read next month’s news for a sneak preview.

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