How do you define happiness?

This year has been so challenging that even the most positive of us would admit to having the odd “off” day and maybe many “off days” if we’re honest.

There’s no better tonic for looking beautiful than a dose of pure happiness – sparkling eyes, your skin glows and your whole face looks alive.

Research into this subject has shown that happy people usually have high self esteem, they are optimistic for the future, usually extrovert and generally appear to be in control of their lives.

As with skin types, genetics can play a part but it’s not the whole answer. 

We have to take some responsibility for the way we choose to live our lives and react to any challenges that might be thrown at us. If the researchers are correct then happiness is largely of our own making.

Seasonal moods are a thing…

That’s easier said than done, of course, especially when for the last year we have been deprived of social contact and the winter weather has not helped.

For many people , this time of the year is not their favourite anyway, when the weather is gloomy and we are confined to our homes more.

Add the pandemic into the mix and it’s not surprising that mental health issues take over.


Spring is coming!

With Spring on the way and the experts telling us we are on the way to recovery, let’s see if we can regain some positivity and move forwards.

We need to accept the changes in our moods- no-one can be happy all of the time and once we accept this we’ll realise that it will soon pass.

Think positive…

Have you ever noticed that when you are convinced things are going to fail, they often do? Alternatively , if you think all will be well, it usually is. Our thought processes are so powerful that often we get what we expect in life.

I’m not an expert in this area but I have always believed in positive thinking to get the best results and obstacles shouldn’t stand in the way of happiness.

Now, more than ever let’s focus on the solutions rather than the problems, weighing up our options and choose the best one for us.


Nothing lasts forever…

Let’s tell ourselves it won’t last forever and focus on the here and now.

Focusing on the here and now means enjoying every moment.

After the experiences of this last year I don’t think any of us are going to take anything for granted any more.

When you are feeling happy, make a list of all the reasons why. When you are feeling unhappy or depressed, check your ‘happy’ list and maybe it might give you a boost.


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