We are all prone to worrying about our appearance but can we really control nature?

  • If you are fortunate in your teens your skin is smooth, plump, firm and unlined.
  • Your skin seems unaffected by poor diet.
  • You might get a few spots but they heal quickly.
  • That’s because the blood flow keeps it well nourished.
  • The oil production is generally high keeping it well lubricated but because your hormones are often all over the place you might be prone to spots.
  • By the time you get to your 20’s your skin might be starting to show signs of dryness, particularly fine lines around the eyes but often there might still be an oily T-zone.
  • Your hormones generally start to settle down but your skin will still be in good condition.

This is the time to be aware that any sun damage caused in previous years might start to show.

Look out in your 30’s!

  • The skin under your eyes will start to look thinner.
  • Your pores might look larger and stress will cause spots to appear again.
  • This is because the circulation and cell renewal starts to slow down and your skin might look dull.
  • You might be prone to the start of a few wrinkles because the elastin and collagen gets less so your skin starts to get thinner.

When you get to your 40’s

  • You might get the start of lines on your forehead as well as a few fine lines around the mouth and eyes.
  • The skin tends to get drier as it loses elastin and collagen.
  • Hormonal imbalances brought on by the early stages of menopause might even cause some oiliness and spots.
  • The skin will probably be less firm than in your early years because of loss of muscle.

When we get to our 50s

  • Any lines and wrinkles will deepen and your skin may appear more jowly with an uneven skin tone.
  • Unfortunately, years of sun damage will now be evident and age spots might be seen on your hands and face.
  • At this age you are losing even more collagen and elastin and cell renewal and sebum production is really slow.

Let’s not despair though! We all have to get older

skincare routine face maskIt seems that nature is kinder to some people than others but I do believe it’s out of our control. However we can all take steps to look after our skins and not get complacent.

The earlier we start in our lives the better, so here are a few pointers to remember.

  • In your teens, cleansing is vital to keep those pores clear.
  • Whenever you go out in the sun, wear a sunscreen.
  • Use a light, non-greasy moisturiser every day.
  • During your 20’s, always use a sunscreen and an eye cream.
  • Make sure that when you moisturise, you extend the cream to cover your neck and throat.
  • Start having a regular facial if the pennies permit.
  • Exfoliating your skin in your 30’s will stop your skin looking dull but only once a fortnight.
  • In your 40’s, regular exfoliation and moisturising are essential.
  • Cream cleansers are better but avoid astringent toners that tend to dry out your skin.
  • Weekly face masks are good to introduce as well as eye creams and gels if your eyes look puffy.
  • In your 50’s and onwards, moisturising is probably the most important part of your skin care regime. Richer formulas containing vitamins are best.
  • Regular hydrating masks can put moisture back into the skin.
  • Don’t forget to boost blood flow with a gentle facial massage.

Beauty lies within so let’s enjoy the different stages of our lives. We can let nature take its course with just a little bit of help from us where required!