The sun and salt water can play havoc with our hair after swimming in the sea on holiday.

The chemicals in the swimming pool used to keep it hygienic also leave the hair feeling unpleasant.

If you do either of these activities, the chances are your hair needs some intensive DIY – but it’s not only these factors that suggest your hair needs extra care.


You use styling products regularly?

  • Live or work in built up or polluted areas?
  • It gets tangled easily and it’s difficult to run a brush through it? 
  • It looks tired and lacklustre? 
  • It’s unmanageable and lacks body? 
  • It gets very dry or gets oily more than usual?

Clean, healthy, shiny hair is what we desire but harsh treatments and general pollution can wreck it.

Applying too much product on our hair can weigh it down resulting in a dull, lank effect which is not the look we are looking for. Regular colour processing and heat styling can weaken your hair over time and dry it out making it very brittle.

What can we do to help this?


Before washing your hair, run a comb through it to remove tangles, grime and dry skin on your scalp…

  • Drench your hair with water before shampooing as this can help in preventing hair breakage. 
  • When shampooing your hair you only need a small amount to massage into your hair. The shampoo needs to be lathered from root to tip.
  • Gently knead the scalp as this stimulates the glands to produce oils and then RINSE, RINSE, RINSE for several minutes.
  • As long as you rinse it thoroughly you should only need to apply the shampoo once.

Finally, for that extra shine…

  • After shampooing and conditioning, finish with a rinse in cold water. This will flatten the cuticles and make your hair instantly shinier.
  • When blow drying your hair, work from root to tip and finish with a cold blast.
  • Clean your brushes and combs regularly as they will have styling product residue left behind as well as excess hair.

All Mellow hair products are free from Sodium Laurel Sulphate and parabens. There is a shampoo for you whatever your hair type. All the ingredients are derived from natural sources and of course, are handmade, suitable for all the family.