It still seems strange thinking about large get togethers and for most people it will still be small family affairs with the most important people in our lives.

However, there is bound to be a determination that this Christmas will not be as uncertain as last year, health willing.

Throughout the past year, I have written blogs with tips that cover all aspects of skincare, haircare and body care which I hope you have found useful, all to be found on the Mellow website and you can revisit them to help prepare you for any social events you may have planned!

It’s party time…

To finish off the year, we’ll think about fragrance and how to smell sweet all over whatever the occasion. There’s more to smelling sweet than a quick spritz of body spray before you go out in the morning.


Day to evening…

Of course, you shower (or bathe) every morning, use deodorant and maybe a quick spray, but how do you make that morning freshness last throughout the day and then on to the evening? If you are going out in the evening from work, have a wash with soap and water if you can and dry thoroughly. Apply deodorant. Some people believe that if you wash your armpits twice a day and rinse with cold water, you won’t need deodorant but that’s a personal choice. Regular shaving your armpits makes it harder for bacteria, which causes odour, to linger but it’s best to do this before you go to bed so that your skin has time to recover before you apply deodorant in the morning.

TIP: If you don’t have access to washing facilities after work, use a couple of cleansing wipes to freshen up.

Finishing touches…

You are almost ready, step into that gorgeous outfit, freshen up your make-up and hair and you are ready to go. 

Put on your favourite perfume before you get dressed – apply it to pulse points (neck and wrists). Spray your perfume from arm’s length so that the fragrance doesn’t concentrate in one place.

OR spray a perfume cloud and walk through it. For a lasting fragrance, layer your scents if you can, using matching shower gel/bath foam, body lotion and perfume.

If you are a real perfume fan , apply it also behind your knees and also on your ankles.


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