Eeek! Summer is coming, so it’s time to prepare!

Summer is coming! Summer skincare routineOur seasons are so unpredictable these days: one week it’s freezing, the next it’s positively balmy. So we have to believe that Summer will eventually arrive and so that gorgeous body will need to be prepared. And here at Mellow Skincare, we’ve put together a Summer skincare routine to help you out.

As the sun gets warmer, out come the sandals, the shorts, short sleeves and short skirts.

That’s a considerable amount of our bodies exposed following a winter when the elements will have taken their toll on our skin.

Perhaps we feel self conscious if we have neglected our regular skin routine throughout the cold spell.

There’s no point in feeling miserable or downbeat and the sooner we start a regular routine to prepare for the warmer weather, the better.

Exfoliation is the first step to beautiful summer skin
We all want the glowing, smooth skin of our younger days but we must be prepared to work at it.

There are several options to exfoliate:

  • One way is to try a body scrub at a health spa. This is a fairly gentle way to remove dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and glowing – however, you can also do this yourself at home.
  • Another way is to use a body scrub in the shower or bath at least once a week.

Body scrubs generally fall into two categories – salt scrubs and sugar scrubs. They can be applied by hand but you can also use a loofah or body brush. The aim of the scrubs is to help with removing the top layer of unwanted skin.

Salt scrubs are coarser than sugar scrubs. They boost your circulation and are excellent for very dry and neglected skin.

Sugar scrubs are better for very sensitive skin because they are gentler.

Both scrubs are effective in removing dead skin cells, sloughing away dirt and toxins whilst giving your skin a healthy glow. But you must choose the one most suitable for your skin type for the best result.

Dry skin brushing
Dry skin brushing is a procedure that everyone can do at home. It is a simple way to support your immune system and to stimulate your lymphatic system to naturally detoxify itself.

The technique is great for skin exfoliation, eliminating toxins by keeping the pores open and is also useful in reducing cellulite if done on a regular basis.

You must use a natural bristle brush where you will feel the friction but not scratch the skin.

Your skin and brush must be dry so the ideal time is before your shower or bath.

Start with the feet and gently brush in one direction towards your heart. Brush gently with a circular motion, moving anti-clockwise around your abdomen and chest area.

The entire body should be brushed to obtain the best possible results. Your skin will now be tingly so follow on with a wonderful shower or bath.

Apply a moisturising body lotion to finish off and you’re ready to go!

NB: Avoid the face or broken skin or cracked skin.