Whether we like it or not, mature skin is something we are all going to have one day.

Who is guilty of saying, “If only I knew how to really look after my skin when I was younger, I wouldn’t have these wrinkles now“?

Mellow-Skincare-blog-mature-skincare-routineMany of us think that, but ageing is a normal part of life and skin types do change, as we get older.

Any health issues can affect your skin, lifestyle factors, changes in diet if we’re someone who is prone to yo-yo dieting.

The important thing is to accept that ageing is a normal part of life and looking after our skins with good care, can still mean our mature skins can look good whatever your age.

The body’s functions tend to slow down as we age meaning that cells aren’t replaced as quickly.

We might notice that the jawline isn’t as firm as it was, fine lines or wrinkles start appearing particularly around the eyes (crow’s feet). Some people experience thread veins and blemishes, or maybe age spots.

No longer do we have the natural bloom of youth but come on ladies, don’t get sad and stressed!

These processes happen gradually and for many people these signs don’t appear until much later in life.

It is vital we don’t cut corners with our skin regimes. I wouldn’t be brave enough to say you can slow down the ageing process but the factors that apply to younger skins are even more important as our skin gets older.

  • Sunlight is very important to us in mature years for the health of our bones but try not to expose your face unnecessarily and certainly wear products on your face with a sun factor.
  • Try to avoid stress where possible.
  • Avoid environmental pollution.
  • Make your daily skincare regime a priority, so don’t forget to cleanse your skin twice-daily, tone and moisturise.

Don’t we deserve the professional touch sometimes?

Regular aromatherapy facial treatments with selected essential oils can make your skin feel wonderful and hydrated.

The facial massage helps tone sagging muscles and you will come out of the salon glowing but if this is only possible as a treat then you can easily do your own DIY facial.

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