I hate to say it because I know everyone goes into panic if you start receiving emails about the dreaded “C“ word, especially when it’s only October!


Because Mellow products are all handmade from scratch, we have to make a start really early otherwise there would be no festive gifts or products to sell, so forgive me for the mention at this time but rest assured, we are getting prepared!

So this month, I thought I’d share with you where all your lovely (whispers) Christmas Mellow products are created…

In the really early days, my husband worked away so the kitchen table and probably every room in my house became my production facility and store room.

Weekends became rather frantic as I tried to create some semblance of normality and then on Monday it was back to the grindstone.

Not the ideal atmosphere for clarity, focus and concentration, but for a few years that was how Mellow products were made.

As the product range expanded it was getting increasingly difficult to make and store the products especially when you consider that one of the rooms was being used as a therapy room…yes, I was also a complementary therapist at this time!

I found it worked well for me as for 5 days there was only me in the house, but then my husband decided after many years working in London that it was time to leave the hustle and bustle.

I had no idea where I was going to continue but fortunately the solution was not far away…

Who keeps a car in a garage? At least this was my argument for our garage.

It was far too small for a car which is why it became a dumping ground for everything and yet if it were cleared, it would actually be quite spacious.


I eventually found the most suitable trades person and he converted my humble garage into a kitchen complete with cooker, refrigerator, sink, work tops and storage facilities, so that everything relating to Mellow could be removed from my house.

I now feel that I’m going to work every day and I don’t even need to take the car, so everyone is happy!