When I set about creating the Mellow range of products, it was important to me that the fragrances would appeal. The way we perceive smells can be deeply personal thanks to the associations and memories they conjure up, so I wanted to try to create something for everyone.

As I only use essential oils in my products to add fragrance, the benefits of these oils were a major factor in my decision.

After much deliberation, I decided on three main ranges:


Everyone has preferences – for example, some people hate lavender (I used to be one of these people), while others love it! Funnily enough, lavender has become of the most popular Mellow range, so I’m glad I didn’t listen to my personal misgivings about the fragrance, especially now that I’m a converted lavender fan.

Lavender, Rose Geranium and Citrus apply to most of the Mellow products, except in the FACE and FEET range. This is because there are other essential oils specifically suited to these products.

But what are the benefits of these three main fragrances and their essential oils?


LavenderFloral, light and clear with woody undertones, lavender is one of the most popular essential oils in aromatherapy and has been used in healing since time immemorial.

  1. It is so versatile but everyone is aware of the relaxing qualities of lavender and is a favourite if you have difficulty in sleeping. Rub 2-3 drops of lavender oil into cupped hands and inhale. Rub on to your feet, temples and wrists for a calming effect on your body.
  2. Perfect in a first aid kit for its healing properties, lavender can be used to cleanse cuts, bruises and general skin irritations. Just 2-3 drops of lavender oil applied to a minor burn can help decrease the associated pain.
  3. Putting a drop of lavender oil on an insect bite or bee sting can help to reduce the itching and swelling.
  4. Put a drop of lavender oil on a cold sore to encourage healing.

These are just a few general uses but it is also a great essential oil for the skin, which is why I use this oil in some of my skincare products. It promotes the growth of new cells and is a balancing oil so it is invaluable.

mellow-skincare-lavender-showcaseWe think you’ll love some of these Mellow products that use lavender essential oil:

  • Hair shampoo and conditioner
  • Bath and Shower products
  • Hand/Body Lotion
  • Moisturiser



Rose Geranium has so many benefits and many people prefer floral fragrances. In skin care it can be used as an astringent to tone skin and muscles, as an anti-bacterial agent on the skin – which can help with acne and scars – and for promoting the restoration of new skin cells. It is also a wonderful holistic remedy.

mellow skincare rose geranium essential oilsMany people mix and match to make perfect gift sets as rose geranium products smell gorgeous.

Why not try some of these Mellow products that use Rose Geranium?

  • Moisturiser
  • Shower and bath products
  • Hand/body lotion
  • Soaps


mellow-skincare-citrus-body-lotionOur citrus range features wonderful uplifting products using lemon, grapefruit and orange essential oils.

The use of citrus fruits on the skin has so many benefits.

They can be used to cleanse and tone, and are great for treating oily skin and blocked pores.

Citrus oils are also great for the circulation and can be used very effectively to revitalise dull, tired skin.

These fragrances smell really fresh and can lift our mood and revitalise us, particularly at the start of the day when you need some get up and go.

mellow-skincare-Citrus-range-2We love these Mellow products using citrus essential oils:

  • Bath/Shower products
  • Hand/body lotions
  • Body butter
  • Face products


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