Why we love citrus fruits on our skin

Mellow Skincare thought we’d take a closer look at why we’re such fans of citrus fruits as natural skincare ingredients.

An age-old favourite

The use of citrus fruits for skincare, medicinal and culinary purposes dates back to Ancient Greece, if not before. It’s little wonder citrus fruits have stood the test of time with so many skin-boosting benefits. They can be used to cleanse and tone, and are great for treating oily skin and blocked pores. Citrus fruits are also anti-bacterial and are often used as an ingredient for wound cleansing and healing. In addition, citrus fruits are good for your circulation and can be used very effectively to revitalise dull, tired skin. In fact, many products designed to reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of leg veins include one or more citrus fruit ingredients.

A word of caution…
Citrus fruits can be quite highly phototoxic, which means that the products should not be worn in direct sunlight. Instead, we would recommend using stronger citrus products during the winter months or in the evening to fully enjoy their wonderful protective and restorative skincare properties.

But do individual varieties of citrus fruits have different benefits? Yes, they do. You can find out more below:

As well as smelling wonderful, oranges are high in vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and antioxidants, which make them ideal for treating oily skin and acne. Oranges tend to help detox your skin and orange juice has been shown to be an effective anti-wrinkle treatment, which helps firm sagging skin and encourage your body’s collagen production. It is collagen that makes our skin look younger and smoother. Orange oil is commonly used in aromatherapy to treat depression as it is calming, relaxing and will elevate your mood.

Like lemons, limes and grapefruits, oranges are the stronger of the citrus fruits. All of these fruits are very effective for exfoliating the top layers of your skin and can be used to lighten dark patches, such as age spots or scar tissue.

Known for their strong and powerful taste, lemons are high in vitamins A, B and C, and great for boosting your immune system. When used in skincare products, lemon can help diminish the appearance of scars and age spots, prevent or treat acne, reduce the frequency or severity of blackheads, exfoliate your skin, fight wrinkles, and moisturise and tone oily skin.

Grapefruits can be acquired taste when it comes to eating them but there’s no denying their skincare benefits. Grapefruits contain antioxidants, which help fight the free radicals in your skin that cause lines, wrinkles, discolouration and other blemishes that can age your appearance. The restorative properties in grapefruit juice are great for evening your skin tone, and safely and gently cleansing your skin. Grapefruit is especially effective if you have oily skin.

Other citrus fruits
Gentler citrus fruits include Mandarin, Petigrain and Neroli, all of which are used in skincare products to help heal and regenerate skin cells. Neroli is the essential oil from orange blossom and is well tolerated by all skin types, including sensitive and irritated skin.

They smell wonderful too
Citrus fruits certainly have a wonderful fragrance that lifts our mood, refreshes, revitalises and even deodorises. Many people love citrus skincare products because they feel light and invigorating, adding the promise of summer and some extra zing to our skincare routine, even in the middle of winter.