Psoriasis is a common, often inherited, skin disorder which occurs when the production rate of new cells is accelerated…

psoriasis_schematicThe result is raised patches of pink, thick, new skin covered with flakes of dead skin. It can be made worse with stress, emotional problems, infections or other illnesses.

It can occur at any time but it is most likely to develop between the ages of 15 and 30. The most common sites affected are the elbows, knees and back i.e. areas where there is less underlying flesh.

Attacks of psoriasis are quite erratic. There may be long periods of time when the skin is clear of any sign and when it does appear, the length of time it is present varies greatly.

The patches can lessen or disappear temporarily when the skin is exposed to natural sunlight. Fortunately, when it does clear it leaves no marks or scars on the skin.

This condition really can affect people’s lives making them thoroughly miserable and isolated, affecting their self-esteem.

Unfortunately medical science has not yet solved the riddle of psoriasis or what causes it. The usual courses of treatment offered by GP’s are products which are cortisone-based. These products will relieve symptoms for a while but they do have side effects and shouldn’t be discontinued suddenly.

I have found that Tea Tree products are very useful in psoriasis and have no known side effects.


  • Switch to a vegetarian diet, preferably vegan.
  • Eat alkaline food (80% alkaline and 20% acidic foodstuffs).
  • Try to identify the source of your stress and how this affects your mental and emotional health and find a way to manage it that works for you.
  • Do not use ointments and creams containing Vaseline or paraffin oil. Only use vegetable oils.

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