Over the years I have had many queries regarding Mellow products from people who have particularly sensitive skins and are prone to skin reactions.

Understandably they would be nervous to try new and unfamiliar products and so, with any face products, I would recommend a patch test.

They usually have had bad experiences in the past, often with make-up products but not really known if any particular ingredient is the culprit.

Many people discover they have allergies following a facial treatment but in recent years, many beauty salons have the option of hypoallergenic or natural products to overcome this problem.

Allergic reactions can happen at any time, even if the substance causing the allergy has been used for many years without causing any adverse reactions.

Some of these irritant reactions can be quite severe and your skin might become red and blotchy or your eyes might start stinging and your nose start to run.

Tissue swelling and anaphylactic shock are the most dramatic and severe reactions.

The intensity of the reaction depends upon the amount of irritant applied to the skin. In this case it is vital that you are referred to a dermatologist who will determine the cause.


In the case of a cosmetic product such as make-up, you would probably realise straight away if it is a product you haven’t used before and stop using it immediately.

Most of us find we are allergic to something or we might experience a mild reaction so a completely non-allergic range isn’t really possible – but at least with natural products, you know there will be less ingredients that will cause reactions.

Personally I don’t have specific allergies to skincare, but I think it’s probably because I have always steered towards natural products and in recent years only used my own Mellow products so of course, I’m biased.


I was aware, many years ago when I was a therapist that much of the industry was turning towards natural products without chemicals.

I decided to train in making natural skincare products and toiletries and so Mellow Skincare was developed as a business in 2006.

If you want to read more about the background and creation of Mellow, you can read more here.


Many of my customers have skin conditions – eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis and rosacea are a few examples.

Because Mellow products are all handmade using natural raw ingredients as much as possible, they are able to use the toiletries without any reactions that I have been made aware of.

No parabens are used and the toiletries made are free of SLS which are known irritants.

If customers are concerned about skincare products causing a reaction, I always suggest doing a patch test before using the products.