Taking care of your hair is as important as showering or bathing but often we take this area of hygiene for granted.

What is your hair trying to tell you?

We all have such busy lives and time is precious, particularly in the morning. If you can answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, your hair is telling you it’s time for some TLC!

  1. You use styling products regularly
  2. You live or work in built-up or polluted areas.
  3. It’s too tangled to run your fingers through it
  4. It looks tired and lacklustre
  5. It’s very dry or gets oily more than usual.
  6. You smoke or go to smoky places

mellow-skincare-taking-care-of-your-hairClean, healthy, shiny hair looks great but harsh treatments and pollution can wreck it. Too much product coats and weighs it down, resulting in dull, lank, dirty or difficult hair. Regular colour processing and heat styling weakens your hair and dries it out.


  1. Before washing your hair, run a comb through it to remove tangles, grime and dry skin.
  2. Drench hair with water before shampooing to prevent hair breakage.
  3. Only a small amount of shampoo is necessary to massage in to your hair.
  4. Gently knead the scalp. This stimulates the glands to produce oils.
  5. The shampoo needs to be lathered from root to tip.
  6. RINSE, RINSE, RINSE for several minutes.
  7. You should only need to apply once as long as you rinse thoroughly.
  1. Conditioning your hair is important whatever your skin type. It seals in moisture so your hair doesn’t dry out and stays shiny.
  2. Ideally, comb the conditioner through your hair with a wide-toothed comb to detangle and to coat the strands right down to the tip.
  3. Choose a conditioner for your specific hair type.
  4. Apply it to the ends but not the roots.
  5. Rinse off immediately and thoroughly to prevent a build-up.
  1. If your hair is very dry, damaged or chemically treated you may need weekly deep conditioning treatments to restore it to health. This will reconstruct damaged hair and lock in moisture.
  1. After shampooing and conditioning, finish off with a rinse in cold water. This will flatten the hair cuticles and makes hair instantly shinier.
  2. Hair experts agree that most people use far too much styling product. This overloads the hair and can leave your hair limp, heavy or greasy so use less if this is happening to you.
  3. When blow drying your hair, work from root to tip and finish with a cold blast. RESULT – shiny hair.
  4. Keep dirty brushes and combs clean as they will have some styling product left behind as well as excess hair.


Mellow-Skincare-StyleSTYLE and nourish your hair with the Mellow hair care range. Mellow hair products have a gentle but effective cleansing action and are mild and kind to your skin, leaving your hair feeling healthy and gorgeous. The detergents in our shampoos are sourced from coconut and palm kernel oil. Taking care of your hair has never been kinder!

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