“You don’t have to be an aromatherapist to appreciate the benefits of essential oils”

The benefits of essential oils Mellow Skincare blog

As I’ve probably mentioned before, my past career was in nursing and I remember when I first went to Nursing School all those years ago, we learned about Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

One of his quotes was to say that “the way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.”

As far back as the fourth century BC he believed that burning certain aromatic substances offered protection against contagious diseases.

It didn’t mean much at the time but fast forward many years and I was putting into practice exactly what he was teaching.

These days there is specific scientific information about the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of particular aromatic oils.

The history of perfumes is fascinating. Some people might think that in early times perfumes were used to cover up bad smells caused by lack of hygiene, but there is much evidence showing that early civilisations were as concerned about cleanliness as we are.

My specific interest is using essential oils in Mellow products these days…

…but following my retirement from nursing, I was a complementary therapist where essential oils played a major part in the treatments of my clients. Whether it was massage , reflexology, Indian Head massage or beauty treatments, the benefits of the essential oils were the priority depending on the treatment.

mellow skincare chichester benefits of essential oils blog
The benefits of essential oils Mellow Skincare blog

The scientific study of the therapeutic properties of essential oils was started by the French cosmetic chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse in the 1920’s.

While making fragrances one day in his laboratory, Gattefosse burnt his arm very badly and thrust it into the nearest cold liquid which just happened to be a tub of lavender oil.

He was amazed to find that the pain lessened and that instead of blisters and inflammation, his wound healed very quickly and left no scar. From then on, Gattefosse dedicated the rest of his life to researching the remarkable healing properties of nature’s essential oils.

This is where the term “aromatherapy “ was created.

Here at Mellow, it is important that we only use pure essential oils in our products. Much thought goes into the aroma but it’s not just about what it smells like, it’s also about the therapeutic benefits.

We have 3 main ranges (lavender, rose geranium and citrus) for the toiletries, but in skin care it is more about the effect it has on the skin.

The benefits of essential oils Mellow Skincare blog

NOTE: Essential oils are vital to the perfume industry but if purity is a concern for you, be aware that often pure essential oils are diluted in a carrier base because of high costs and passed off as a pure natural essence. That’s fine if perfumery is your concern but not ideal if you want the product for therapeutic purposes.

Finally, if you are a fan of using essential oils around the home, you probably like to use vaporisers or diffusers. There are so many ways you can use them but a vapouriser is a great way to start.

This is a delightful and natural way to perfume a room and diffuse essential oils into the atmosphere.

Essential oil burners offer a convenient way to vaporise essential oils. They are usually constructed of pottery or stone, and have a lower chamber for a tealight candle and a top bowl for water and essential oils.

Light the tea light, and pour some warm water into the top bowl to half-fill it. Sprinkle on 8-10 drops of essential oil. As the water heats, the essential oils vaporise and fragrance the air.
Some suggestions for uses are:
Lemongrass is thought to keep insects at bay.
Geranium and bergamot help deodorise and neutralise cigarette smoke and pet smells
• To prevent infection spreading, use tea-tree, rosemary or eucalyptus.
• If you want a relaxing atmosphere, try frankincense and sandalwood.

mellow skincare chichester benefits of essential oils blog

Obviously there are many uses for essential oils around the home and it’s great fun to experiment.

I would love to know how you have used essential oils in your home. If you have used a vapouriser, what combinations do you like? Leave a comment below, or head over to our Facebook page and comment there.

Carole x