Do you remember the time when we were able to take long walks with family or friends or go for a drink in a café or pub and have lovely meals in restaurants?

Distant memories, but we know those times will return, and so there is nothing to be gained by dwelling on the negatives – although it is very difficult to be positive when all we are exposed to is negativity and bad news.

Things we take for granted like regular visits to the hairdresser, or maybe you are missing your visits to your beauty salon or complementary therapist?

Those businesses will no doubt be swamped with clients once we get back to some semblance of normality with everyone clamouring for appointments, but in the meantime, why not give yourself a facial at home?

It’s easier than you might think and at the end of your treatment, your skin will look and feel amazing as well as giving you a massive boost of confidence.

There is no better time than while we have some extra time on our hands so when you are ready, turn off your phone, lock the door and give yourself some pamper time.


  • Your normal facial cleanser/eye make up remover
  • Cotton wool pads 
  • Toner 
  • Face exfoliating scrub 
  • Face mask (clay masks for oily skin, cream or gel mask for normal/dry skin) 
  • Face moisturiser suitable for your skin type

Assuming the headband is in place, apply eye make-up remover to two separate cotton pads (one for each eye to reduce the risk of cross infection.)

Support your brows with your fingers and gently sweep the remover down over your eyelids and through your eyelashes to remove any eye make up and discard.

Then gently cleanse the rest of your face with cleanser on cotton wool pads to remove any make up , grime and dirt from your skin.


You should always apply a toner to cleansed skin if you wear make-up.

As well as removing any traces of make- up left behind, it also acts as a skin freshener adding hydration and nourishment.

Apply the toner to cotton wool pads and gently sweep across your face and neck taking care to avoid your eyes.


Exfoliating the skin on your face regularly is a great way of getting rid of dead skin cells that can make your face look dull.

It’s important not to do it too often and to make sure that the exfoliant is gentle, but once or twice a week will give you a lovely bright complexion.

The aim is for your face to look fresh and rejuvenated, not red and irritated.

Apply a small amount on to your fingers and apply to damp skin using gentle circular movements covering your face and neck but avoiding your eyes.

Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.


If your skin isn’t sensitive it will benefit from steam cleansing.

This will unblock pores and is beneficial on a weekly basis.

Pour boiling water into a bowl.

You could add a couple of drops of essential oils of your choice.

Lean over the bowl and take a few deep breaths to inhale the steam and open the pores.

When you’ve had enough, place a cold compress on your face to tone up your skin and close the pores.


Your face is now ready for a mask.

Use the mask most suitable for your skin type e.g hydrating cream masks for dry, sensitive skin, gel masks or clay masks.

Apply to your face and neck, avoiding lips and eyes.

Relax for 15 mins and then wash off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

  • To really make your facial feel as good as the one you’d have in a Spa, take a few moments to treat your facial muscles to a massage.

  • It will help improve the blood flow and improve your skin tone.

  • With clean fingers apply a very small amount of your favourite facial oil to your face and neck using deep circular movements in an upward direction to lift the face muscles.

  • Gently stimulate the pressure points around your eyes and brows.


Finally, the most important part of the whole routine is to moisturise.

Place some moisturiser into the palm of your hand and spread it with clean hands over your neck and face gently in an upward direction.

Hopefully that has passed some vital “me” time and you realise that it is possible to create the Spa experience at a fraction of the price.

Products for your skin type for that perfect facial can be found here.